Located in Lecco city center, the business unit is housed inside a 3-storey building with annexed large operations area and Technology Center dedicated to testing, customers’ demos and in-house events. The structure, 8,000 square meters of indoor capacity, houses the headquarters of the company and many of the functions common to the 3 entities belonging to OMET Srl: administration & finance, sales & marketing, IT, human resources and OMET management. The Printing Presses business unit’s product portfolio includes: multi-technology, multi-product, and multi-application narrow and mid web platform machines for labels and packaging printing.



Founded in 1963, the Tissue Converting business unit sold its first machine for the production of disposable napkins in 1965. Since then more than 700 projects of highly innovative machines have followed worldwide, with the largest share in Europe, USA and MEA countries. The division moved to a newly restored plant of 2,000 square meters in 2012 and can count on a large manufacturing and testing area, vast warehouse and new offices. On the roof of the building a powerful photovoltaic system produces the green energy needed by the factory operation.



Since 1963, OMET has been working in the designing and manufacturing of ball bearing solutions and complete handling systems that find application in the widest range of industrial sectors. From the production of special custom-made rollers and linear rails, OMET has widened its activity throughout the years, making its design skills available to customers, as well as the flexibility of its plants, and the technical know-how of the operative staff, to offer complete sliding solutions. Production is carried out in Valmadrera, near Lecco, and in Wujiang, Suzhou (China), where OMET owns land and building since 2007.



O-Pac is a company specialized in the production of wet wipes and strongly oriented to innovation. It performs internally the entire industrial cycle from research and development, laboratory testing, to manufacturing and marketing, and works for the most renowned brands worldwide. Beside it, O-Pac sells products under its own brands. The company moved to a new site in Oggiono, Lecco in March 2012: a modern structure, built according to standard of environmental sustainability and designed to house a production department for high-end cosmetic products.



OMET Group is a dynamic industrial reality located in Lecco, Italy, about 50 Km north from Milan, and composed of 2 different companies: OMET Srl and O-Pac. OMET Srl, founded in Lecco in 1963, groups 3 business units working in the following market sectors: printing (manufacturing of narrow and mid-web machines for label and packaging printing), tissue converting (manufacturing of automatic machines for tissue napkins and towels production), and systems in motion (production and testing of rollers and complete handling systems), each located in a different site and with own operations. O-Pac, born in 1989, is a young and vital company producing wet wipes for many uses. The whole Group employs around 280 people (data: 2013) in Italy and 50 abroad in its 3 foreign subsidiaries located in China, Spain and the United States. OMET Lavorazioni Meccaniche, based in Lecco, is the fifth Italian production plan of the group serving the other business units for what concerns machining and mechanical works in general.

Il Gruppo OMET è una realtà industrial dinamica con sede a Lecco, circa 50 Km a nord di Milano. E’ formato da due società: OMET Srl e O-Pac Srl. OMET Srl, fondata a Lecco nel 1963, raggruppa 3 business unit attive nei seguenti settori di mercato: stampa (produzione di macchine in fascia stretta e media per la stampa di etichette e imballaggi), tissue converting (fabbricazione di macchine automatiche per la produzione di tovaglioli e asciugamani usa e getta), e movimentazione (produzione e test di sistemi di movimentazione a cuscinetti), ognuna distaccata in un proprio stabilimento. O-Pac, fondata nel 1989, è un’azienda emergente e giovane che produce salviettine umidificate per vari usi. L’intero gruppo impiega circa 280 persone (dati 2013) in Italia e 50 all’estero nelle 3 filiali di Cina, Spagna e Stati Uniti. OMET Lavorazioni Meccaniche, con sede nella città di Lecco, è il quinto stabilimento produttivo del gruppo e serve le altre unità di business per quanto riguarda le parti e le lavorazioni meccaniche in genere.



OMET Srl extends its presence in the world with 3 subsidiaries: OMET Americas Inc., based in Des Plaines, Illinois, OMET Ibéricas based in Barcelona, Spain and serving the Latin American market, and OMET (Suzhou) Mechanical Co., Ltd. based in Wujiang, Suzhou province, China. The first two subsidiaries serve the machine business as service and sales center. In particular, OMET Americas Inc., with permanent and travelling staff, is a service hub (spares, refurbishments, on-site and remote assistance) for the whole American continent. OMET China is a production facility of the ball bearings and systems in motion business and a sales and service structure for the printing and tissue division of OMET.

OMET Srl estende la propria presenza nel mondo con 3 filiali: OMET Americas Inc., con sede a Des Plaines, Illinois, OMET Ibéricas con sede a Barcellona, in Spagna, da dove serve il mercato latino-americano, e OMET (Suzhou) Mechanical Co., Ltd. con sede a Wujiang, provincia di Suzhou, in Cina. Le prime due filiali si occupano di vendita e service. In particolare, OMET Americas Inc., con personale stanziale e trasfertista, è il Service Center che si occupa dell’intero continente americano per la ricambistica, le riconfigurazioni, l’assistenza on-site e da remoto. OMET Cina è un impianto di produzione di sistemi di movimentazione e una struttura di vendita e di service per il mercato della stampa e del tissue converting.



OMET takes in serious account the responsibility towards the community, starting with its own collaborators. Every year the company takes the commitment of assigning scholarships to deserving students children of employees, contributes to the improvement of the technical equipment of schools in the city of Lecco, offers stages and internships to university students, and provides sponsorships to sport associations at various levels. The company cooperates for the realization of research projects with Universities and Institutions in Italy and abroad and is particularly interested in the dynamics of environmental impact paying attention to develop systems able to protect the environment. Loyal to strong principles, OMET adopts an ethical behavior towards its stakeholders and the community that benefits from it. The same principles that animated the early inspirations of the company continue to support its journey into the future.

OMET prende in seria considerazione la responsabilità nei confronti della comunità, a cominciare dai collaboratori. Ogni anno l'azienda assegna borse di studio per studenti meritevoli figli di dipendenti, contribuisce al miglioramento delle attrezzature tecniche delle scuole della città di Lecco, offre possibilità di stage e tirocini, e sponsorizzazioni ad associazioni sportive a vario livello. La società partecipa a progetti di ricerca con Università e Istituzioni in Italia e all'estero ed è particolarmente interessata alle dinamiche di salvaguardia ambientale con la creazione di sistemi a basso impatto. Fedele a principi forti, OMET adotta un comportamento etico nei confronti degli stakeholder e della comunità. Gli stessi principi che hanno animato gli inizi della società continuano a sostenere il suo viaggio verso il futuro.



OMET has a special attachment to the territory in which it developed. Most of the employees are native to the area and bring in their eyes the colors and contours of the majestic mountains surrounding the city of Lecco, and the beauty of the branch of Lake Como on which stands the city. Many of them studied in the same school attended by the founder of OMET, the late Angelo Bartesaghi. The members of the Bartesaghi family are active fellows in many of the local chapters of famous Italian industrial Associations like Confindustria and Assolombarda.

OMET dimostra un particolare attaccamento al territorio in cui è nata e si è sviluppata. La maggior parte dei collaboratori sono nativi della zona e portano negli occhi i colori e i contorni delle maestose montagne che circondano la città di Lecco, e la bellezza del ramo del lago di Como su cui sorge la città. Molti di loro hanno studiato nella stessa scuola frequentata dal fondatore di OMET, il compianto Angelo Bartesaghi. I membri della famiglia Bartesaghi sono membri attivi in molte filiali locali di prestigiose associazioni industriali italiane.